Sea Kayak storage cover / rack

Just bought my 1st house! but i do not have a garrage to store my 14.5 sea kayak. I would like to mount a rack like this -

i have a 2nd floor deck so i think i was going to mount the rack under the deck on the patio.

What type of covers is everyone using? I found these -

Anything else out there?



any cover recomendations??

you are probably going to find that

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most people (non-majority) do not bother to cover their watercrafts during storage......

hanging them under a deck is great....just try not to have them hanging on a South face (they would get the most sun that way)....i was lucky at the last apartment the boats hung on the North wall....under a deck......

you might also want to look into a way to secure the boats on those hooks....big wind could cause them to chunks of webbing could be put together in a way (two pieces-one top-one bottom-joined in the middle with a squeeze clip type thing) to keep the hulls ON the storage system.....just to make it more safe for those boats and for those people who might be walking near the boats......

Danuu works fine
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