Sea Kayak Storage (garage)

Looking for suggestions on Kayak Storage recommendation. This will be for a sea Kayak 17’- Key Items I look for is ease of use, and protecting the boat. Thanks

Couple of cam straps hanging on nails

– Last Updated: Jul-23-11 6:20 PM EST –

in the rafters spaced so the straps go under the hull where the bulkheads are, kayak turned on it's side. Straps are long enough that I pick up one end and put it thru a loop then pick up the other and run the strap under it then alternate pulling the straps until it's up out of the way. Someday I may replace the nails with eye bolts. I cover the cockpit using a "personal camoflage tarp" I got at an army navy store which is a very fine mesh that lets the inside breath but keeps out critters. Best advice I read here was open the hatches so they dry out completely, and the tarp is long enough to cover them. Can't bring myself to spending $ on cockpit covers.
Other options are J-bars or something DIY on the wall. Look in your owners manual if you got it to see if they recommend upside down or on the side storage.

straps plus
I use cam straps on my 17 footer as described above (kayak on side/ near bulkheads) and put pool noodles where the straps hit the kayak to spread the weight. Not sure its needed but makes me feel like a good owner. I also only use 1 inch wide cam straps.