Sea Kayak Storage


I am looking to buy/make something which allows me to store my Sea Kayak (Capella 166) upright / vertical in my yard (theres not enough space to lay it down!). Does anyone know of such a product? I cant find anything anywhere!

That could be interesting…
…depending on how windy it is where you live. I don’t think I’ve ever seen boats stored vertically except inside a barn or warehouse.

Can you attach something to the side or eaves of your home? Do you have any trees in the yard that could provide support? A free-standing rack might be a real challenge and it would need to be guyed to the ground for stability, which would take a fair amount of room.

Most people I know
with a storage problem rent a storage unit. If you share the cost and space with others it is not expensive. I doubt there is anything like what you asked about.

Thats the problem - it may have to be free standing only. I could probably fix it in someway to the house wall but not sure if its possible. Its not too windy here just VERY hot! I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE and its blistering heat right now.

Storage Space
Yeah I currently do rent storage space very close to where I live. I am moving house this week to a location 40km away from the warehouse, and very close to the sea so really dont want to have to do an 80KM round trip just to get into the water when its on my doorstep :slight_smile: I admit I may have to though!

justs trap it

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Just run a strap around it somewhere up away from the ground and you should be good to go.

Edit - hopefully you are talking a composite boat, not plastic? If plastic, with your heat, the end may soften and warp with all the weight on it.

BB Hoop?
If you attach a basket ball hoop to the wall of your house at the right height, perhaps you could put the nose of the kayak up through it while standing it up.

I would try to fashion something to put the stern on while it stands there — perhaps a heavy duty foam pad a few inches thick with a slight cut out to keep the stern in one place. Or simply a depression filled with sand would probably do it.

Whatever you do, you’ve got to post pictures once it’s done…

After reading Peter-CA’s comment, I looked up the Capella and it appears to be plastic. It should not sit on its tail in significant heat, you’ll wind up with a wiggle-boat.

A better solution might be to add a reinforced hanging lug from the bow and suspend it from a hook or perhaps a pulley system. A short section of stainless tubing all the way through the bow is what I’m thinking of, as a surface mount fitting may eventually pull out with continuous loading on the screw threads.

all P&H Capella models ending in even numbers are plastic.

all P&H Capella models ending in an odd number are composite.

this one (166) is plastic, and if it were mine I’d not be standing in on end (either end).

property situation/rights…? can you

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build a little box to fit it...somewhere...door at one end... As long as the lock on door is burly enough, include secure venting...
$.01...I would think storing it on its side, in the style of the cradle-style carriers... Can keep wet towels on top of it on very hot days... Construct somekind of roofing/any materials that will reflect the rays and look into possible insulation....y/n?

Thank you all for your great ideas. Ill take them all on board and see what I can do. Yes I think that during summer it would be a very bad idea storing it outside! Maybe I will continue to store it in the warehouse during summer (its too hot to go out anyway!) then fashion something to store it at home when it cools a bit.

Thanks again.