Sea Kayak to borrow for a night or two in San Juan Islands?

Here’s a big request: Does anyone have an old sea kayak that they might loan for a few days? I’ve been thinking about flying to Seattle and driving up to do some paddling in the San Juan Islands in August or September. I have 3 sea kayaks in Michigan (Perception Eclipse, Shadow and Dagger Sitka), but they don’t travel well on airplanes. I’ve been paddling for many years in sea, surf and whitewater kayaks and while I won’t claim to be an expert, I certainly can roll. I imagine that I’ll fly with my PFD, folding paddle and neoprene skirt and spend a night or two out in the islands. Suggestions on routes would be recommended. Ten to 15 miles/day sounds about right for a relaxing pleasure trip. So if anyone has a boat that they would like to see perched on an island beach, please send me a private message. Best Regards my kayaking peeps! Roger.

Ok, I am not in the area, so don’t have a boat to offer. But given you didn’t talk about bringing thermal protection (and San Juan waters are cold year round - never gets above mid-50s), that would make me question as to whether you would be someone I’d want to risk lending a boat to if I did have one there.

The time you are talking about isn’t likely a storm time, so weather shouldn’t be too much of a risk. Quite possible you will get strong winds, but not actual storms. But the Salish Seas have strong currents (and tide rips/current induced waves in areas) and cold water year round. Paddling there shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Perhaps you are perfectly capable, but with the small amount of info I have from your post, not a risk I’d be up for if I had one to offer. Perhaps others would. Best of luck on the trip.

Now for a more positive response:

One option I suggest you consider would be to contact Body Boat Blade (, a world famous kayak instructional group, and see if they have one of their multiple day training trips at the time you are considering.

Or to contact one of the local clubs and see if you can go on a trip with them. The risks are greatly reduced when you have local knowledge and are not solo.