Sea Kayak UK Celtic Paddles

Does anyone know an internet store that sells Celtic Paddles? Or, even a website for a description? I have tried to search, with no luck. I am just curious about this relatively new paddle, since Nigel Dennis is involved.

Try contacting Maine Island Kayak Company. I believe Tom Berg is the US importer for SKUK.

greg paquin - kayak waveology

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has them...don't know if tom does. i don't think that there are very many in the US.

got mine from greg. the one i have has a marked resemblance to the old lendal nordkap. really like it, well made. has a lock that allows you to alter length and degree of feather. has thus far been plenty sturdy.

celtic paddles are presently available in the US as a 2 piece only but I believe that nigel is working on a 4 piece connection that will be available in north america.

greg's site is and you can reach him through there.