sea kayak yoke?

Has anyone made a carrying yoke, much like is used in canoes, for a sea kayak to help with portages if in an area that has portaging.

Seems overall weight issues are similar though the distribution of weight is different, and other differences as well.



kayak yoke
We use paddleboy kayak carts… but they are

damaging to fragile trails, and not permitted in some areas (BWCA)…

but, from attending Paddlefest show in the Adks I have seen the “Knu-pack” system work great on canoes and heard from the rep that they make an adapter for kayaks. Check it out.

Has anyone used this rig???

Good luck in your search.

Are you talking about building one yourself or buying one? There is one that is available that spans the cockpit and has clamps that clamp to the cockpit rim. The yoke has extension pads to lift the boat above eye level so you can see where you’re going! I have also heard that the knu-pack is a good system.

Yes I made one that works real well.
It is a portage yoke with extended padded blocks to keep your head out from under the cockpit.

With the boat lying on the ground you install it on top of the cock pit using one camlock buckle strap, (like the NRS or yakama one), double looped under the yak. Cinch the sucker up as tight as you can and it works like a charm.

With each kayak I use it on I have to figure where the center balance point is which makes for easier portaging.

I think my plastic 17 foot Eclipse is in the mid 60 pound range, and I can portage up and down slopes for several hundred yards with out getting tired.

I am an over the hill senior too!

If you want see a couple of pictures, just give me a shout.

I think over the past few years, I have e-mailed pics to a half dozen folks.



If your looking to buy,
try the " YOKE SHOP ’ in Holmen Wisc. phone number is 608 526 9478 . Sorry I don’t know their site . I have bought several different yokes over the past 10 years of yakin’ . This one is the best in my opinion . Tony

I did like JakL
I used a 1 x 6 about 8" wider than the boat cut the notch for your neck to within 1" of the back. I glued 1/2" plywood blocks just wider than the cockpit coaming and cut notches jus in from the ends to hold the strap. If you glue on about 4" of closed cell you can carve shoulder grooves (a wire wheel on a drill works for roughing in) then I covered the whole thing in 1/4 foam that stretches like neoprene for a smooth finish.

Good Luck