Sea Kayaker Mag: Sectional Article

I read a Sea Kayaker Magazine article within the past two years about a guy who cut up his fiberglass sea kayak and made a sectional out of it. It was sort of an instructional article about how he did it, with photographs.

Does anyone know which issue this was in? Anyone haave a scanned copy of the article?


In Feb, '09
there was an article about a guy doing this with his S&G, but I don’t remember one about a glass boat.

I have the same memory.
The stitch & glue project was masterfully executed too.

But I have suscribed for at least 7 years and I do not remember anything on sectioning a composite boat. Sorry.


Thanks gentlemen.
I am pretty sure it was in 2007 or 2008. SHowed how he glassed the bulkheads and the who nine yards. USed a reciprocating saw to cut the thing. Maybe I will email Sea Kayaker Mag.

Anyone else know?

I remember reading this too

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I can't remember if it was a S&G or composite boat though. I just looked through all of 2008 and some of '07 - not there. My earlier mags are scattered in different places.

Thx for trying. I have a sectional
Blog and must find it. Thx

Go to:

Click on “articles”, “article index (PDF)”

You get a complete listing of all articles in the mag since the 1980’s

I found it! It’s a stitch & glue tandem