Sea Kayaker Magazine - back issue collection

I have over ten years of Sea Kayaker Magazines sitting in my storage. I hope to “gift” them to some club, library, or individual who would enjoy the history and information that resides within the covers. I live in Oregon. If anyone has interest or ideas on how to pass these along, give me a shout! Thx.

I bought a huge collection of them . It was near 70 to ship two bug heavy boxes.

Looks like I have 1984 through 2009. might be missing a few issues but not many. Shipping by USPS media rate is possible.

I already have a collection of Sea Kayaker, so don’t need it myself. I think it would be nice if your collection could go where it would get a lot of use and suggest the following as good possibilities:

  • The Landing School,, a vocational school in Maine that teaches a range of small-boat design, although I’m not sure what level of interest they have in kayak design. I have a friend on the board, and they do good work.

  • The Wooden Boat School,, also in Maine, run by Wooden Boat magazine. It’s commercial, but they run a lot of kayak-oriented programming every summer and the students would definitely be interested. I’ve taken one class there, and it was an excellent experience which I recommend.

  • The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building, in Port Hadlock, WA, near Port Townsend. I have no experience with this one, but it’s in your neighborhood.


Here’s a guy who’s looking for old Sea Kayaker issues for a very good cause. You could sign up as a guest and get in touch with him.