Sea Kayakers - ever use one of these?

I recently picked up a couple of older Current Designs boats (a Gulfstream and a Solstice GT), and they came with a couple of accessories that I’m not 100% sure about. I’m a canoe guy at heart, and most of my kayak seat time was in WW boats, so forgive my ignorance! I’m assuming they are means for holding a spare paddle on your deck without beating up either your paddle or your deck, but I’ve never actually seen one in use. They have velcro tabs at all 4 corners, and the smaller end has a velcro strip that can be used to make a sort of pocket at the end.

Anyone ever use one (or even seen one in use)? Thanks!

Not seen one. But if it is to protect the deck against paddle scratches, it needs to be under the bungies. I just let the scratches happen.

The velcro strip at the end might be usable to anchor each end of a split, but hard to tell.

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Might be a paddle storage sock. Fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon blades can get all scratched up in your trunk.

Not a sock as it’s a single layer of neoprene. The guy I got them from didn’t really have any ideas. This is my best guess, although they don’t seem to work great with a wing.

Seems a little goofy, but maybe I don’t quite have it figured out.

I think they would be more secure with the blades facing you. That’s how I carry mine, the shafts go into the paddle pants near the bow.

Aren’t there deck fittings for a bungie cord further forward? So the shafts would be under one more bungie?

As it has a brand name on it why not just call or email Current Designs rather than guessing. You might have to email them a picture since it’s not in their current catalog.

Tried that. The 2 people I talked to there didn’t know for sure either.

I think it’s one of those ideas that never really caught on.

Paddle pants…is what they call the current thing for doing that. I put them on my 17 ft Sea kayak. Real nice except I couldn’t reach far enough forward to get the paddle pieces. What ever that is I’d store it with the pants in a box in the garage…somewhere.