sea kayakers in East TN

just curious how many sea kayakers in east TN visit

if there are any then maybe a paddle session on one of our lakes–Wautaga,Cherokee,etc.

ET kayakers
Friendsville area, left bank Tenn River, mile 608.2. I commute downstream to the Cloyd’s Creek embayment. Go to google maps, type in Endsley Lane, Friendsville, TN. Get the satellite photo. I commute from there south to the obvious embayment. About 2.5 miles.

I’m game for other trips. Need to get my wife’s boat fixed up.

I live in Bristol, TN. My sea kayaking has been limited to rentals on both coasts. I have done some recreational kayaking on local rivers in search of smallmouth bass. Recently, I have been pursuing solo canoeing mostly.


I replied on another of your posts
but you never replied back.

I am over the line in NC, but paddle Watauga Lake on occasion.



my brother
My brother doesn’t visit P-net but he lives in NW NC and Watauga is his primary paddling spot. If you guys get a rendezvous together I’ll pass it on to him.

I paddled there almost every day during my impromtu 10day vacation courtesy of Hurricane Frances. Pretty place.

Does anyone
Have any info on Watts Bar Lake, or Chickamauga Lake, or , Douglas Lake ? I live in Florida, and plan to go to Tn. this summer.

Thanks, Dave

I’m sorry for not responding!

I do think we should meet for a Watauga paddle some day and of course invite any that would like to come.