Sea kayaking caves and tunnels EXCELLENT

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That was amazing. Thanks for sharing

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We spent two and a half weeks paddling in Shetland back in 2004, and it’s truly a magical place for paddlers. There are sea caves, tunnels and hidden coves everywhere. You can paddle for an entire day and never see or hear anything other than wind, waves and wildlife. We were there in early July and it really never gets completely dark. We often lost track of time and spent many long days on the water, returning at 9:00 at night it bright sunlight.

We brought our own gear, but used boats borrowed from the Shetland Canoe Club. We joined the club - which was inexpensive - and that allowed us to use their boats and other facilities. We joined them on their annual trip to Papa Stour, which was fantastic. The people we met were warm and wonderful, happy to share their playground with paddlers from “across the pond”.

If you have the chance, just go. It’s an experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget!

What no pictures :disappointed:?