Sea Kayaking Galveston???

Going to be moving to Oklahoma next month–not exactly coastal. Looks like the closest place to hit the surf is going to be in Galveston.

Anyone out there do much sea kayaking down that way? I am mostly into surfing. Not sure how the surf is down there. I imagine it is small and hit or miss. I have heard that the inlet can get some interesting tidal conditions. Sounds like it might be fun when the wind is right.



is there a club ?
Yes, search this Galveston Houston kayaking club.

I was at Rockport and San Padre in bird research with sea kayak. Too windy. WINDY. Check with Weatherunderground’s Almanacs

When you’re at Austin the wind screams over town headed into tornado formation. IMPRESSIVE. Never stops during the winter.

The bay has ship traffic. You are not getting a parade.

The coast reeks of hydrocarbons: toluene, acetone, mustard gas…

Mississippi has a national seashore. The Missouri River is nearby, Mississippi.

San Luis Pass
I couldn’t remember the name of the inlet when we were on Hatteras. Western end of Galveston Island, there is a state park there - not sure about camping options. Not sure when you are moving, but Kate and I are making another trip to Hatteras on Memorial Day weekend - Sat to Tuesday; if you want to get back out.

plains rivers
Traveling north on the Interstate from Guthrie we roll over the Cimmaron and Arkansas Rivers.

Not what they were as natural untilled Plains rivers of clear water, fish and turtles. Running thru farm country, water is soupy but way out in the country.

Surf not great
Yeah the surfing in Galveston is not that great. The fishing is good. I am into kayak fishing. I have a water sports equipment rentals company close to Galveston on the water. Great for SUP Boarding and kayaking. Check us out on meet look for Bayou Paddle Monkeys or go to our website at

at Lamar/Rockport

windy…excellent fishing…air’s fairly clean.

whooping cranes at low low tide with roseate spoon


The coast from Aransas south is bay full, prob not windy with inlets off the inside between Corpus and Brownsville. It is said, the area is not the USA.

San Padre North NP has a boat ramp.

Port Aransas

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