Sea Kayaking Helmets

As I mostly have been paddling solo I’m feeling a helmet is a worthy investment. Wondering what you all are using. I am peddling on the coast and in some small surf. I’d really like something that can fit into my scorpios say hatch and has a visor.

nothing likely will fit day hatch
I don’t think any helmet will fit in a day hatch. More common to strap it on the back deck behind the paddler when not in use (or just wear it the whole paddle).

Helmets are very variable in fit and sizing - best suggestion I can find is see if there is a shop near you that carries some and try them on. Or find someone else who owns and to a test borrow of theirs.

Gath Gedi for Surf
After trying lots of different whitewater helmets I’ve been using Gath helmets for several years for surf kayaking and waveskiing. I found the visors only create more force on your head and neck during beatdowns and I don’t use them any more.

Probably won’t fit in day hatch
Visors can be long or short. The one on my WSRI helmet is so short as to be not much of a sun shield, but I have seen much longer bills on other brands. I think there are helmets that can use detachable soft visors; worth checking those out.

Salamander Beak or Revisor
The Salamander Beak and revisor are soft visors that attache to visor-less helments.

I use one on my helmet and it does flip up on serious beat downs, but never had it stripped off the helmet. That could be one way to avoid the added forces that hard visors can cause.

Try this… or just Google folding safety helmet, get one and tweak it for your purposes.

Second the Gath Gedi
I had one for five years now with no complaints. Good fit and pretty lightweight. I like the optional ear protection/insulation.