Sea kayaking in Patagonia


I am interested to sea kayak in Patagonia, Chile. Has anybody been there? Where can I find information? Are there any books or web pages from people who have kayaked there?

Any help is much appreciated.

Cheers from new Zeland


Check out "Cold Oceans"
by Jon Turk. At least I think that was the name of the book. I am certain of the name of the author, so if I am wrong about the title, search the author name and you will find it. He’s a good writer. I am waiting for his next book on his sailing/paddling trip from Japan to Alaska via Kamchatka and the Russian Far East.

Nat’l Geographic Adventure
Had an article (a long one) about kayaking through Patagonia. Check it out. It was within the last year.

I believe that there was an article in “SEA KAYAKER” about this area, within the past year or so.


Chiloe Island
Many of the Sea Kayaker outfitters on Chiloe Island take people into Patagonia. Chiloe is at the Northern end of Patagonia as opposed to Tierra Del Fuego at the Southern end. Check out or google chiloe island and sea kayak.

Piragis Northwoods Company based in ely Minn. Sends trips to patagonia every year. I doubt you would go through them but check out the website and they may have some info for you. Good Luck.

outward bound
also is offering a south america-chile trip in their current 2004-2005 catalogue on page 75. the details look to be a trip length of 14 days offered in december & feburary for a listed price of $2095. i know very little about the area, but the area is south of puerto montt in the hornopiren region. outward bound’s site is listed under

I had an amazing trip in the Chiloe Archipeligo with Altue Seakayaking tours. Francisco is a colorful and knowledgeable guide. the equipment was excellent. Search on the web for Altue tours. Highly reccomended