Sea kayaking lessons- Outer Banks, NC?

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Hello Folks,

A long time absent from these boards, I'm back to ask for some information.

My daughter graduated high school this year, and her choice for her last "real" family vacation was to go to the Outer Banks. She hopes to spend some time sea kayaking, but seems more interested in riding the waves in shorter boats rather than sea touring.

I'm a freshwater canoe person, and know little about the ocean or kayaking on it, so I hardly feel qualified to instruct her, or to just rent her a boat and turn her loose. Can someone point me to an outfitter who can give some very basic lessons, then rent us a boat (I guess a sit-on-top would be preferred)? Probably her 14-year-old brother will want to get in on the action, too.

We will be staying in the Duck area. Any recommendations y'all might make would be most appreciated. Take care, friends!


Kitty Hawk Sports

Try Kitty Hawk Sports, they can probably hook you up with instruction, or a local instructor. If you have a lot of trouble you can always come up to Virginia Beach and we can hook you up.

Good luck – Tom

Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Lamar and crew are pretty good. I haven’t used them, but friends have.

Second on Lamar
I’ve had him as a coach in a training group as has JIm. Great experience.

BIK is 4.5 hours away from Duck
It might be a bit far for your needs, but if you decide to go there for lessons it will be worth trip. (They probably won’t rent a kayak for you to use that far away.)