Sea kayaking -whale watching Northern CA

I will be visiting some a few of Redwoods Nat parks with my Wife and three sons next week for camping and hiking and big tree hugging!! Due to mini-van space constrants our canoes will be staying in Leadville,CO. Thinking about getting on the big pond one day as an adventure does anyone have a favorite outfitter/guide for seakayaking/whale watching on the CA coast from say Shelter Cove to Cresent City

A Couple of Options

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Lot's of killer coastal water here in FarNorCal that ranges from fairly tame to down right epic.

Trinidad Harbor is probably your best bet for a scenic ocean paddle with a protected/safe launch.

FWIW ... I've been living/paddling in the area for four years and have yet to see a whale while yaking .... but on a daily basis see : sealions, seals, porpoise, and a whole range of cool tidal pool animals.

same 2 as Topher
I would suggest the same 2 as Topher.

There is an article in the Winter issue of California Kayaker Magazine on gray whales, and it does list some of the outfitters that do have hale Watch tours, and both of these are listed. You can download the PDF for free from