Sea kayaks for short, stocky people

Quicky survey please…

1: I would like to get an idea what type of boat you paddle if you are short and stocky ie. fat like me :slight_smile: (5’2, weigh around 170lbs).

2: What did you like about your sea kayak? Does it have a rudder or a skeg? I’ve been told skegs are better specially for rescues less chances for the metal rudder to cut you up.

3: What size of paddle do you use?

Basically, I’m looking to buy a composite sea kayak but I’m having difficulty finding one that even remoteLY fits me - right now I have a CD Breeze which I love and fit in well. I test paddled the Eddyline Fathom and didnt really care for the way that I had to continously keep my knees up in an angle just to be able to use the thigh braces.


How are the yaks not fitting you? Most are too loose for me. I like WS Tempest, Necky Tikani, and Perception Sonoma 13.5. Avocet fits pretty well too. I find 23 -24 in wide to be too big.

Eddyline merlin xt
Have you test paddled an Eddyline Merlin XT?

It’s my short legs…
I have really short legs and that’s where my problem lies. I feel like I’m really having to work to get my knees to bend up to reach the thigh braces and also get my feet on the foot pegs.

I have…
Yep, I sure have and didnt really like it much either. I think the Merlin felt almost tight because, if I’m not wrong, the combing of the cockpit on that boat is “straight” rather than having that upward slant that the Eddyline Fathom has.

short legs
I have a short torso, but I guess my legs are still short.

Footpegs can be moved. I’m going to try using mini-cell foam instead of braces. The thigh braces can be padded as well. Try a boat with a lower deck height. Order a bunch of catalogs and compare the stats and descriptions. I was in a plastic Squamish a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t too loose.

Try on a Nighthawk.
I found that the lower volume boat fit a my short stocky self better than the larger volume Eddyline boats. The Falcon might also be a good one to try on.

The Nighthawk comes in two sizes. Try on a “16”