Sea King Kayak (British?)

Does anyone have any knowledge about an older design sea kayak called or made by Sea King? British I believe?

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You may want to try asking on a British site such as

a McNulty, but never heard of that model.

Brit boat
I’d never heard of this one before, went and looked and this is the only thread I found talking about that boat:

Bill H.

pictures of …
was interested, so did quick google, came across this:


Restored Sea King
I found this piece the other day, but can’t find out anything on the hull (length-width- depth-rocker), it’s paddling characteristics or what contemporary boat it might be most like. Nor can I find anything about who manufactured it or when.

Cool paint job…

You gotta read the thread griffin posted
They were molds that were rented out, DIY jobs if you like. He actually got it looking pretty decent in the end, before he traded it for a WW boat.

rented molds
At one time, from what I’ve understood, kayaks were often built by clubs in the UK before production boats were common. So some might be pretty good and some might be downright awful.

Bill H.

Made in France - -
There’s a chap in France making them having acquired a mold recently. While getting one to the US may be challenging, at least you could get a sense of them on his website -

Hope this helps. Mike.