Sea Lect Hatch Covers

I am down to one non-rotted out day hatch cover for the Romany, and need to start replacing the rotted hatches on the otherwise pretty cherry Nordlow.

I looked at the Sea Lect stuff and am having a difficult time from the info on their site figuring out if I need to get a rim as well as the cover (lid in their lexicon) to use theirs on the Romany. It appears that the Nordlow would not be controversial.

I am disposed to spend the money on another will-rot too easily valley hatch cover if I have to fuss with the rim for the Romany as well.

I emailed them but no word back yet. Anyone know the answer to this?

For questions such as this, I call Tom Holtey at 603-323-8090. He translates what the manufacture websites make confusing. Plus, Tom usually has hard to find or discontinued parts for kayaks.

That was exactly what I was going to suggest. When I got my used kayak which needed hatch covers I happened to be in New Hampshire and had the pleasure of visiting Tom and purchasing them from him. He was super-helpful and straightforward and explained the options very clearly.

I’ve gotten hatch covers from too. The Sealect covers go right onto the original Valley rims. No need to order or change rims for the standard Valley ovals and rounds. I’m not sure if UKSK uses standard Valley covers, but if they did on your Romany, you’re good.

Thanks. I will check w TopKayaker, see if I can use a more local business.
Could had a V8 moment. The Romany had valley day hatch cover to start with so of course… I get confused because I keep forgetting it is the Vela that needs a KS cover.

According to a buddy of mine’s website (He’s an NDK dealer), NDK uses Kajak-sport hatches, so the sea-lect replacement covers for kaiak-sport should fit perfectly. We have sea-lects on both my Anas Acuta, and my better half’s Foster silhouette, and they’re great. Double check anyway, though.