Sea of Cortez Permits?

Heading to Loreto in Baja Mexico next month, my wife and I are planning on paddling 8-12 days to La Paz. A portion of it is through national park territory and I’m trying to figure out if permits are needed at all. I can’t seem to find any info online, but the info I’ve received says we don’t need one unless we camp on one of the islands. Has anyone been recent? Or can confirm or give any info? Thanks!

I’ve only done as part of commercial trips (3 times - twice just on islands around Loreto and once from Loreto to La Paz), so can’t comment on permits. But on the whole, you will probably want to stop on the islands.

Cool! Which islands did you visit? How was your Loreto to La Paz trip??

For the trip to La Paz, we launched from Puerto Escondito, which is a bit south of Loreto (common launch point). I don’t recall if we stopped at Danzante on that trip, but definitely did on both the other trips. Definitely stopped at San Jose. We got off the water a bit north (10-20 miles) of La Paz - the last bit into town is just beach.

The local trips where just to Danzante and Carmen. Beautiful islands.

Permits required for the islands. Not for mainland. Permits available in loreto at a small office by marina. The tour providers will probably have taken all avail permits for popular beaches. Do some google earth research for camping/beach options before you arrive at permit office. Watch out for wind, it comes up quickly…

Thanks! Great to finally get some solid info.