Sea Otter Kayak

Was in a Tire Shop down by Camp Lejuene today and the owner had a fiberglass/composite kayak hanging from the ceiling. It was covered with dust and had the name of a Tukwila, WA Dive Shop on it and “SEA OTTER” on the rear deck. Kind of reminds of the Hurricane Tracker.

Guy offered to sell it to me on behalf of the owner who is “locked up” for a bit. Would like to do a little research before I get serious about this kayak since, even with all the dust and grime, looks to be virgin (not a scratch on the rudder).

Can someone please tell me who the manufacturer is?



Pacific Water Sports

Pacific Water Sports. Lee Moyer was the designer (and owner of PWS)

Deep bow entry, tracks well, fairly stable and…boring. In this yakers eye. :wink:


What Flatpick said…
I will say, it was the first kayak I ever paddled and that was about 1981. I went out and purchased an Eddyline Orca. My girlfriend had a Sea Otter. If you can get it for under $500, you will get your $$ out of it if you can sell it to get a more modern boat design.

for the info.

I did give the guy a ballpark figure of $500.00 for the Sea Otter; not for myself but to resell. If nothing else, use it as a “guest 'yak.”

Any day on the water is a great day,


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while you are enjoying Camp Lejeune you should go to Barrier Island Kayaks (between Swansboro and Emerald Isle).

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That area in between is the little community of Cedar Point.