Sea Rider SOF cross sectio plans?

-- Last Updated: Dec-26-15 2:46 AM EST --

Can anyone point me to the plans, my massif broke and I want to cut/install a new one. Thanks.

There is a Yahoo group for Yost’s kayaks, they have the address for the plans.

Bill H.


How did it break?
I’m wondering as I have one in process - actually done except for fitting some deck lines and another coat of paint. It won’t be in the water until spring unless I find some pool sessions close by.

i see that you have links to the archive. I have a copy as well if needed.


Thanks guys
Plywood marked, will cut out and install in the morning. Any negatives about using Goop as adhesive?

How it broke
Previous owner filed it to increase thigh room, reduced strength exponentially!

Ah … thanks
I bumped the top of S4 up 1" and S3 by 1/2" as an experiment for the same reason. I do have a couple of spots where I may have cut too much out of the center. It will be interesting to see how it holds up. For now, the main purpose is for rolling and some play with a low volume hull. My main kayak is a Arctic Tern 17’.

let me know how it works out
I found out the hard way after feeling a weird flex during rolling, later found the filing and fracture after removing the insulation from S4! It may have held up if genius thought about sealing after filing!

Goop isn’t a good plywood adhesive, one of the regular carpenter’s glues will work fine though.

If the upper part of the frames are cut too thin, the strength can be repaired by doubling the layers of the same thickness of the plywood you’re now using, glue it to the original, will work fine.

Bill H.

Ran into a snag
Removed the broken cross section then found out that new one will not snap in place! The coaming and skin are in the way! Time to put thinking hat on.

You probably have it figured out by now
My thoughts run towards doing a puzzle cut to split the section and then making stainless plates to bolt through to hold it together.

Good luck.

Wanted single piece frame
So used HDPE, can slide it in place without the delamination that plywood showed. Been a learning experience!