Sea Sock

Who uses them, and what are your thoughrs on their advantages/disadvantages. I am thinking about getting one for the Arctic Tern I’m building, but not sure if I’ll like it or hate it. It would be nice to have something to keep the sand and grit out of the boat. OTOH, are they hot? Do they interfere with getting in and out of the boat, or finding the footpegs or seat? Do you have to remove them to adjust the footpegs?

Use in my Khatsalano
Mixed feelings. They do provide warmth and help keep the boat clean. A bit of a pain to get in and out. They sock sometimes gets twisted. I usually burp the sock before launching. I can not adjust the pegs on my Feathercraft on the go so I can not answer that question. I had a K2. Those socks had lines to secure to forward ribs. They worked really well.

I use one
in my Pouch E68. It helps keep the boat’s interior clean, is warm in cold weather, too hot in warmer weather, does make it difficult to wedge my knees under the carlings. Also it can get twisted. It requires airing after a sweaty day’s paddle. I used it as a sack to carry presents to my nephews and niece last Christmas. I may pack it away soon until Fall.

I’m in the middle of making a custom sock for my baidarka. I hope for an extra level of safety and to keep most of the dirt and sand out of the boat.

I am making sure it will be held securely against the ribs and not get twisted.


I use a sea sock only
in my skin on frame kayak with float bags. It isn’t too much fuss but I only use it because the kayak doesn’t have bulkheads. It works great for keeping sand out of the kayak which is important in a skin on frame but not in a hardshell kayak with bulkheads. I attached velcro to the top of the float bag so that it can be fastened up to the bottom of the deck and make it easier to enter and exit. I would only use a sea sock if the kayak doesn’t have bulkheads.