Sea stream angler 120 vs. Bonafide SS107

I am really struggling with which of these I want. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Tabby

I always lean toward the longer boat but these are only a foot different? Can you paddle or peddle them before buying?
I’ve bought 2 boats sight unseen and butt unfelt.
I wound up selling both. Can be an expensive way to learn what you don’t like.

Have you made a decision?

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:raising_hand_woman:I did!! :grinning:I bought myself a FeelFree v2 10.

What color?

Desert camo. I figure I might use it to get in closer to some turkey in the spring or deer this winter. I just couldn’t resist the camo.:sunglasses: I guess it’s the country gal in me.
Love me some camo.

I didn’t specify.
I got the Feel Free V2 Lure 10, not the moken. Either would of been a huge step up from my Lifetime pro that I had used for several years. Which is a good kayak for the money.

I chose the Feel Free Lure V2 10. I almost got the 11.5 but it is quite heavy.
I decided I should get the 10 …so, as not to get more than I could handle easily on my own. I do love the wheel in the keel though. It makes handling it very easy.
I also want to say that my seat is so comfortable, I have had camp chairs not that comfortable…which as you know makes a huge difference on a long trip.

I can stand and fish with ease. Very stabile.
I can even stand on the stern as well as both feet and all my weight on one side without turning over.

I think I made the right decision for me.
I do really Love it.

Lastly let me say that I also made a good decision with my new paddle…
I am really not sure if I cracked my paddle the very first time I got on the water with it or if it was a flaw.
I did not put it through anything it should not of been able to handle.
As I told BB the water was down and it is very possible I cracked it by scraping the bottom of the river. Because, I did scrape in several low spots.
Bending branches has excellent customer service and warranty. Sent me out a new paddle with return shipping for the damaged one. I received the new one…
I want to say in 2 days. It may of been 3 days I am not sure… but it was very quick!! I would highly recommend Bending branches.

But, I did make the right decision on both my kayak and paddle for me. I had done a lot of research and looked at several before I weighed in all the pros and cons for me personally. I would highly recommend both I am very well pleased and look forward to many many trips in comfort.

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