sea touring paddle recommendation?


Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced touring paddle (under $350)? I like to use a hi angle stroke but also lower it to rest and cover distances. I’d like to find a bent shaft w/hi angle but forgiving (to low angle) blade. Any suggestions?

The Onno Signature paddles will cost about $225 and be in the 26 oz range. My wife has the 210cm mid tour for her 22" wide boat and I have a 220cm full tour for my 24" wide boat. I need to buy a 210 for my 21" boat but for now I am making do with my Whetstone 210.

ONNO, too1
Great paddle, best value. 218 full tour with my 23.25" Gulfstream.

Onno is alot of paddle for the money…

werner, camano
makes a really nice one, also nigel foster has a really nice euro blade out too. The onno from what I have seen is a very nice euro blade too.

If you are willing to spend 300 or more though, AT Exception touring paddle is the best money can buy in my opinion for modern type blades.

If you are considering greenland, betsie bay, homebuilt, or (I know a guy) email me are also options, not necessarily in that order.

Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to look into the Onno paddle, bent shaft, +/- 210 cm.

Thanks again.