sea trial of a rob roy under sail

took out the rob roy today with 20 to 25 knts. weather service said gusting to 30. i “hoisted” the large spirit sail, headed down wind and blasted across the local bay. i watched the gps go from 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 very quick. i was then unable to watch the gps as i was constantly bracing/ruddering. i also kept running into the back of the waves ahead of me, the boat trying to broach. it was almost out of control. i almost death rolled once and came clost to upsetting a couple/three times. the sail bent nearly to the deck. fun as hell.

retro: i wouldn’t sail in those conditions while tripping. a spray deck would have helped today. 20 knots or so winds is about all me and my boat can handle with a large spirit sail.

Dang Chad
I wish I was there with you. You make it soung like fun!

We want fotos! ;^)
Almost made it down to paddle with you the second week of Dec, but just got cancelled. Dang!!!



I’m getting fat and lazy,thinking of down wind rigs or tieing up two boats like a catamaran with a sailrig

it was quite fun :slight_smile:
sailed today under 10 knot conditions and it felt very comfortable. today i could actually do sweep strokes and surf some smaller waves while under sail. lots of fun. the real kicker is taking the sail down. it’s a tough choir if the wind is 15+. i’d like to get the smaller one for the heavy days. feel free to come down and give it a try. winds should be predictable for the next six months or so. :slight_smile: