Sea well in Tarpon 160i

I saw on another board that there are issues with the seat well on the Tarpon 160i, there are no scuppers to drain out the water. Is this true and has this issue been fixed? FishHawk

I’m on a big kayak fishing board
every day. I’ve never seen a complaint about the T160 of any kind. It and the T120 both get nothing but praise. The T140 receives complaints about being a wet ride, but that’s about all. Which board did you see the seat well issue?

same here.
i am in a couple kayak fishing site to.

and dont see mutch bad report frome the 160.

the 160 is a faster ride then the others.

mabe if you are a big guy…mabe it could be a bit wet…but hey its a water sports…hahaha.

there is aklways the wilderness ride 135…larger and dryer ride.

some say the tarpon 120 is dryer…?? then a 140…mabe…it would be nice to no…at least for a big paddler like me.


Saw it on KayakFishingStuff under Wilderness Systems . FishHawk

Was it one or more complaints? is as large a site as KFS. You may want to register and ask that question on the saltwater board. Mostly, the water will go in the footwells. Also, the type of water you paddle will make a difference. If its in bays with lots of wind to wash waves into the boat, it won’t matter whether the seat has drains or not, you’re going to have a wet butt.

SOT = W E T !

I do not know of a single SOT made that will keep you dry. Some models have scuppers in the seat but not the Tarpon 160. My butt stays dry in my 160 until a wave sneaks in from the side.

A little wet never hurt anyone and it certainly does not distract from such a fun and fine yak.

Just so
my butt doesn’t mildew, I am OK. My Ride 135 doesn’t have suppers in the seat anymore. I will, on occasion, get water in the foot well, but I use scupper plugs most of the time. I will pull them to realease any water that comes in from the sides, or to place a pole through one to anchor in shallow water.

I have a Cobra Marauder
and the only time the seat area gets wet is when I paddle in rough water. On flat water I can stay perfectly dry.