Sea Wind vs. John Deere.

Riding lawnmower that is. Hot and rains almost every day. Place looks like a jungle.Have to mow every 3 days or rent a bailer(hay).

I could save myself 4 -6 hours a week.OTOH it is good exercise. Paddling is a lot more fun.

I vote for the Deere…
If you buy any more boats, you’ll have to sell the house and buy a home in the warehouse district to have enough room to store all of the water toys!! :slight_smile:

(This is the voice of experience speaking!!)


John Deere…
…with the widest mower deck possible!!!

It will make mowing much easier and quicker, giving you more time for the important stuff.

…on second thought… get both, you’ll have time to enjoy a new boat

No No No
all you have to do is go for the “Natural” look and cut trails to the front door, and your shed.

You Sumter boys are full of good
advice. Tripp, I am only working on my 4th boat, but there is a whole backyard. Swedge, I like it, but the neighbors won’t.

The neighbors won’t like it?
Then let the neighbors mow it! That’s the attitude we have up here in the mountains.

Go for the Sea Wind.

John Deere
Wha Ho, Pilgrim

If you’re going to get the riding mower, make sure it has welded rain gutters. It makes installing a roof rack so much easier, better and cheaper. I think a 17’ canoe on top of Deere would look really cool, dude…

Fat Elmo

get a goat and buy the boat.

For the price of a riding mower, you could probably pay a neighbor kid to do it for the next five years. You’d save even more time, and wouldn’t have a mower taking up space in the boat shed.


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Now that’s good logic!!! What I don’t under stand is WHY people actually encourage there laws to grow by installing an irrigation system!!! My Dad and Dad in law both do this, they also have to pay huge water bills, and have to mow there laws waaayy more often then I do…If my lawn is green and soft to walk on its fine with me even if it is mostly weeds. You should see my huge field of dandelions!!


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My front "lawn" is mostly wild strawberries in places -- low, green, and very tasty for a week in June. I don't see the problem...

Three words:
Tall Grass Prarie.

Neighbors will hate you, but you can claim the high ground by saying you are “restoring the traditional prarie ecosystem of the Carolinas.” Of course, that will be a load of BS, but what are the chances they will call you on it?


Grass & Weed Killer
Recommend a good weed and grass killer, will alleviate the problem of growth in 24 hours right down to the root, cost $ 12 bucks, no lawn to mow, plenty of spare time on your hands for paddling your new boat, ear to ear smile … priceless $$$$$

Unless you prefer the natural approach and just burn it.


I feel your plains…
We spent the price of a Sea Wind a couple years back and bought a Simplicity. My mom and I were into gardening back then. If I had to do it over again (and I will be doing that when we move someday) I would:

Have a minimal size yard area to mow. Plant trees, native wild stuff and deep mulch everything.

Blacktop the driveway areas. I end up working too hard to keep weeds down on gravel driveways and parking areas between buildings. We don’t like lots of weed killers because we have a well and pets and kids running around the yard.

Buy the cheapest mower with the features you want. When it wears out, get another. Find a used one if you can. We went new and I don’t think it was worth it. They all need maintenance and after mowing our pasture of a yard, the mower gets beat.

If you’re going to spend the big bucks, buy a zero turn mower that can mow at higher ground speeds. Roll your lawn in the spring to reduce the bumps and you’ll be able to fly. Most of my farmer neighbors have whatever brand mower matches their combine or tractor. They get a mower when they buy a big piece of equipment. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand.

I like the idea of hiring a lawn person. I would lean towards that. I think it makes sense when you figure in the maintence time and expense.

As far as the boat, you can always find a place for another addition to the fleet. Especially if you reduce your lawn by putting up a building to store boats and gear. :smiley:

Food for thought.

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Maybe the drought will come back and I won't have to mow but every 2 weeks.If I get a riding mower, can a jet ski be far behind?

Catch 22
We have had lots of rain this year. The rivers are up, but so is the grass. More mowing, less time for other stuff. Last year we were on the end of a drought. No mowing, but no water in the river. Le bummer.

Another idea for reducing lawn: build a paddling pond. Or a pool in a smaller yard. :slight_smile:

mulch the whole yard
save time and money…install a pool and mulch whatever land is not covered by the pool.

I did that in the back yard.
I better not in the front.

Cover your yard with plastic, spread pea gravel over that then give it all a good shot of green spray paint.

there’s an idea. Astro-turf! Looks green and no mowing. Plus, when the neighbor’s dog craps on it you can just hose it off with one of those spray nozzle thingys. More time for paddlin’.