Seadog Hatch covers for Valley

I located some vendors who have them but they run for about $230 for the all three. ( 2 ovals and 1 small round) Any known vendors that has them for under $200 for the set?

I purchased the two ovals this summer for $154.00 which included tax. The small round I have seen for under $40.00

I heard that the oval covers did not seat well and leaked. Has anyone got a review on the ovals? It is that dreaded time for some replacements.

Are Sea Dog - Sealect?
I like them a lot. They are 100% water tight and snap on and off. They have a pull cord sheathed in a plastic tube for removal which allows them to pop right off with a little tug. They’re convex and bow out a bit and are a hard plastic type of compound and laminated is an under-layer of softer material that travels to make the seal part. The large oval which fits the VCP oval has a little room around it so you don’t have to push in the outer lip for a good seal yet they seal perfectly. At first they were a little stiff and tough to get on and off but now they loosened up and snap one easily and come off easy but still tougher than VCPs. I can’t imagine one coming off under any sea condition. I gave them a shot of 303 in the beginning to help putting them on. They also have a notch for a tether. Since they’re convex, you push down on them and they snap on.

The big question is: how much $ ? A few dollars less. They’re supposed to outlast VCPs by far and they don’t float. The Company is 6 years old so there really is no long-term tests on them however several manufacturers are now using them. The longevity of most products is based on the ingredients used to make it and the expected wear.

You can see them here:

Interesting, looks like those are the same hatches that Eddyline uses. If so, they are awesome. I have an Eddyline Fathom and no complaints or deteroriation what-so-ever after 6ish years.

Yes, they’re the same
IIRC, Sealect is the parent company and Sea-Dog is the product line.

I have an Avocet (poly)and have the Sea Lect Covers but still can’t get a good seal with the Ovals or round. Did you have to do anything special to get them watertight?