SeaDog hatch covers

Does anyone have any experience with the SeaDog hatch covers? I believe they are on the IceKap and the Illusion. A friend is building me a wooden strip boat, and I would like to know if these hatch covers are water tight or not. I’m used to Valley hatch covers, which are excellent, but heavy.

How well do they hold up? Anyone have any problems with them? Any input appreciated! Thanks!

Becky… :o)

seadog hatch covers
Just bumping this question up to see if I can get any response. Any info on how watertight, ease of use, durability, etc appreciated.


Becky… :o)

new ones to me
but SeaDog makes SOOO many things: for hatch info

or for ALL of their stuff…

should set up a race to see who finds the kayak parts the fastest…


Kajaksport hatches
Best I’ve seen, no leaks!

Might check with
Sterling Kayaks. They use the Sea Dog hatches in their kayaks.


VCP or Kajak sport compatible?
Will the Sea Dog covers fit either of these? Their sizes seem similar enough that it makes me wonder.

I’ll email Sterling and see if there are any issues, or tips on installation of the Sea Dog rims. Their whole unit for the oval is lighter than just the cover of the Valley! Trying to trim weight off the boat, but want to make sure that the hatch covers are watertight.

Becky… :o)