Seakayaker needs advise for canoe

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While I am an avid seakayaker, I live close to rivers and lakes and would like some new challenges. What do you recommend for a solo canoe for river and some light to moderate whitewater. No camping or portaging. Fast, efficient, highly manueverable yet not a bear to keep on track for a newbie. I'm willing to learn and would love a boat I could put on edge like my kayaks.


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If your definition of "moderate" whitewater will keep you "at" class 2 +, or easing up on class 3, I think the following boats may fit your needs. If you start pushing hard on class 3; you had better invest in air bags, or start thinking about a dedicated whitewater boat. I suggest that you NOT seriously consider any of these boats if you are talking about hauling yourself & a heavy load of gear in class 3, on a regular basis.

Mad River Guide/Freedom Solo
Bell Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo
Wenonah Argosy
Mohawk Odyssey 14

There are, of course, quite a few other solo boats that may be suggested. My opinion & those of others does not eliminate the need for you to do some test paddling before you buy. Others skill level may/will vary from your skill level.
I have owned & paddled with regularity 4 of the 6 boats I suggested. Another I suggested is currently on order.

I believe you will find all the boats I listed in pnet's product review section. I personally ignore perfect 10 scores, and any review where the rater goes into a "this boat sucks" rant.
Read between the lines.

P.S. A fast/efficient/hard tracking boats does not equate to a highly manueverable boat & vice versa.


No Fair
That’s the list I got from my post a few weeks ago. It’s my list and I do not want to share :slight_smile:


You’re right…

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You're right mjamja............

I want a fast, efficient, highly manueverable, lightweight canoe that tracks well, will not be affected by wind too much, will be a good boat for rivers up to class 3, and also good for lake paddling. Needs to be reasonably priced, and suitable for day trips, overnights, and 1,000 mile expeditions. What boat do I need?

Do a search in the archives; that question has been asked & answered at least 15 times in the last 3 years.

The answer: There ain't no such boat!

That's why you often see the same boat models pop up on lists/suggestions of decent, multipurpose, solo canoes in replies.

That is also one of the reasons why many paddlers have multiple boats.

Good luck in your hunt.

P.S. Add the Bell Merlin II, Swift Osprey, Hemlock SRT, Nova Craft Supernova, Wenonah Rendezvous, and Mohawk Solo 14 to your list,if you haven't already. Test paddle, test paddle, test paddle!

No need to add to list
I wanted solo in Royalex for shallow rocky Texas rivers up to class II with no lake or open water paddling and 90% day trips with some short camping and wanted it under 50lbs if possible. Those 4 you guys gave me originally will fit the bill almost perfectly. Going to be hard enough to find way to get seat time in any of those 4 much less other models.

Thanks again for all the help from you guys.