seakayakers Anonymous

I need to find a meeting !!! Just picked up a 100 $ folboat , older model , dbl. , no rudder an a couple o broken cross braces , hull in Good shape. Like I need it to keep the 7 yaks company !


I’m here to help
Believe me you are not alone. There are plenty of guys with a boat addiction. Not just small boats like kayaks, but also guys with multiple yachts.

I do not see it as a problem. I would encourage you to keep adding to your collection. It is a form of retail therapy that is good for your soul.

By the way, I sell boats for a living.

I’m not an addict. Really, I’m not.
I’m serious. I’m not a boat addict. I’m not, not, not. I need to go stroke my boats now.

12 Step Program
We’ve got a 12-step program just for you:


Only a task force…
Not to worry, 8 boats is not yet a fleet.

For us, I tend to feel as long as we have fewer paddle boats than Wetzool we are below fleet size and worry. (We currently have 10 kayaks, 6 sea and 4 ww)

A mild addiction
Tell me where the meetings are. I may try to nip this addiction somehow, although I’ve been told it’s incurable. The 3 kayaks and the surf ski are telling me I still need a canoe or two or three to keep my ying and yang in harmony. Wife thinks I’m nuts because she never heard the boats talking to me. I swear it, they do talk to me!


My seven boats…
never told me I was sick!!?

You mean, I may have an issue? I don’t feel like I need any help though. All my boats seem well taken care of and I never heard them complain. Well, maybe a little when they did not get to go that day, but nothing overly temperate.


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