seakayaking lessons near connecticut

hello all, does any one know of an outfit that gives lessons. I have only kayaked in my wilderness pongo 120, I am hoping to do a trip in the sea of cortez that requires I know how to do a wet re-entry . also I need expierance in an actual sea kayaking, lol. seriously, I know I do

Google it in case you find more, but I got the following on the first search that looks like full service for your needs. You need seat time in a sea kayak rather than a rec boat like the Pungo

Added - Absolutely go to Marshall if the location is nearer Google stayed naer the shore…

I used to live in Southwest Connecticut and went to, and highly recommend, Marshall of the River Connection in Hyde Park (Poughkeepsie), NY. He is an active member of this forum.

If you are far Eastern CT, you might be able to find something through REI.

During cooler months, Marshall uses the pool at the Culinary Institute of America.

@Celia and@abz, thx guys, I’m in SW CT so I will get in touch with Marshall. also will look at REI as I will be in RI later this month , maybe I can get some seat time as you call it.

Gerry is a very nice person:

Might be intro lessons at Osprey.

Seat time in a proper sea kayak is not optional given that you are coming from a boat that noway resembles one. At least if you want to enjoy the trip rather than fearing an imminent capsize. Even assuming you will be in a tandem, the only thing that I can see making sense given your background. The Sea of Cortez is a very different kettle of fish from the quiet ponds and protected waters where the Pungo is intended to be used. And even a tandem is likely to feel a lot more active than the Pungo.

Maybe rent and take a sort tour in addition to learning how to do a wet re-entry. The latter will have you near shore rather than experiencing boat wakes nor waves, wherever you go. And you might as well get that in while the water is still warm.

What outfit is leading this trip? People here may be able to give you some help on what to bring and expect.

Atlantic Kayak Tours has lessons in Norrie State Park. They are very nice and have a selection of sea kayaks you can use. As far as I know right now Marshall is only offering private instruction but AKT has September classes you can take now.

Call or email them if the class you want says “no online availability.” I did and they added another instructor and fit me and my spouse in.

AKT also excellent, I am seeing maybe 15 minute drive time diff from Danbury CT between Norrie and Hyde Park.

You have 3 great choices in the area, I have worded with all 3
All great Coaches

For the sound Western CT
For the sound Eastern CT
Foe the Hudson River Valley


PM Sent.

See you on the water,
Marshall Seddon
The River Connection, Inc.
9 W. Market St.
Hyde Park, NY
845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile

I had some lessons here for another option. Elizabeth is great…

Marshall is tops too.