Seal line wp bag repair

The patch that held the belt strap on to my seal line bag has come off. What adhesive could I used to re-attach it? I’ve emailed seal line’s customer service twice and have not gotten an answer.

I’ve repaired dry bags using McNett AquaSeal with good results. It’s a pretty strong adhesive.


Yes, Aquaseal should hold well.
It may be necessary to rig up some way to keep the joint stable while the Aquaseal sets. Maybe something like a sandbag inside and something to hold the pad down from outside.

If an instant bond were desired, probably a vinyl adhesive would work. But, using Vynabond with great care, I have seen connections separate unexpectedly later on.

Should be
It should be covered under warranty. Emailing is worthly much of the time on warranty issues. It’s best to call.

Vinyl Adhesive
My experience with Vinyl-tec 2000 (basically vynabond) has been really good. I have glued vinyl d-ring patches to the bottom of dry bags and they have held for years.

Aquaseal is a great product for neoprene and nylon, good to know it can be used on vinyl too.

for all you dry bag users:

To get the max life out of your dry bag you should never pick it up by the loop formed when connecting the two buckles. It is the weakest part of the dry bag and you will eventually pull the buckles/clips off from the back. It is best to pick the dry bags up at the FOLD under the clips…i.e the section that you folded over and over to form the seal. The creats a natural handle and is the strongest part of the dry bag. You will get the most life out of them when doing this. The weakest buckles are the ones one clear dry bags, they would pull apart after just a few days if not picked up at the fold.

Some dry bags come with attached straps, and handles to pick them up and or to carry over the shoulder. If you have any dry bags WITHOUT straps you can easily install you own, by purchasing some webbing and using AQUA seal and glue the straps to the sides of the bag etc. If you have any old dry bags that you do not use, cut small patches out of them and also make one inch by three inch strips. Use these strips to place over the ends of the newly added straps and also glue in place with aqua seal.

USE any of the smaller patches like you would when reparing bike tires. Ruff up the area around the hole with a piece of sandpaper or rough stone found along the river. Place the patch over and glue in place. I hightly recommend when patching holes to place a patch over both side…i.e one inside the bag and one outside the bag. It will guarantee a better seal, and if one comes off you still have the other.

Good advice!
It’s a small bag designed to be worn around the waist, so naturally there has been stress at that point. I’ve had it for a few years, so it’s not under warranty.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Katydid— If you want an outstanding
small bag to be worn around the waist, check out the Watershed line. I used Sealine and similar waist bags, and they all wick water through the roll-top enclosure. All of them. It’s physics. Watershed uses a rubber ziploc type closure that does not leak.