Sealant for Bulkheads

I’m trying to reseal the foam bulkheads in my current designs scirocco. What is the best choice for caulk? I tried 3M 5200 marine caulk with no luck.


– Last Updated: Aug-27-07 7:49 AM EST –

Or similar. You need something quite flexible to be able to follow the regular flxing of the hull - many marine caulks are intended to work with materials like fiberglass and will be too stiff.

PS - I found this was annual maintenance on my poly Squall. So whatever you do, find something that you don't mind having to redo each spring or fall.

I’ve used Lexell on my Sirocco’s bulkheads. Works well. Ace Hardware carries it.

Did you sand it?
I used 5200 on my poly boat with complete success. Sanding (roughing up) the area you intend to bond to helps. And god help you if you ever tried to use any kind of silicone caulk…nothing will ever stick to that spot again.


Thanks for your advice I will try try the lexell

5200 Cure time…
3M says it takes 5 to 7 days to completely cure.