sealer for fiberglass

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Installing a electric bilge pump on my NDK Greenlander Pro kayak. Installing battery box (pelican 1030) inside day hatch. So I will be drilling a whole through the rear bulkhead to run the two wires 16 gauge to the pump and Reed magnetic switch. I have used in the past to glue foam into kayak with Goop from local Home Depot. I want to seal whole around wires and was thinking the Goop would work ok. Unless someone has better idea.I do want to be able to remove the sealer incase I ever need to replace the wires.

Oh the pump install is basicly off
and also here

Iam not using a relay just a larger magnetic Reed switch so only two wires through bulkhead.Useing Lipo battery since I have them from flying RC planes.Much lighter and powerful than any other battery type. Figure whole setup wont ad more than about 4 pounds if that.
After reading Deep Trouble book I realized only time I will fail to roll and need to self rescue would be in the very worst conditons were taking hands off paddle wouldnt work so electric is best way to go.

If it was me, I would use Lexel
I use that to seal bulkheads, etc.

It works great.

Jack L

Nothing or rubber firewall type grommet
My .02. Let that back zone breathe a bit and not set up a sort of pressurized moist micro-climate that will go after electronics faster.