Sealife Camera?

Has anyone used this camera and found its’ quality, reliability and ability to take nice shots make it a good choice for using while boating? I know some had expressed concerns over the Pentax Optia WP on occassion having freeze up issues and not offering a view finder as an option so I didn’t know how this camera stacked up.

Optio W10
The Pentax Optio W10 is being released this month and the reviews are very promising. Compared to the WPi it has a larger screen with an anti glare coating and is cheaper. Mega-pixels and zoom are the same as the WPi.

I Used Your Link
and read about the SeaLife camera. It sounds like it is a camera case with an un-named camera inside.


No it is a digital camera
Scroll down on their page and you will see the specs.

I read through the specs and also read that for use on land the inner camera could be removed and used alone. ??


I have an earlier version that is only
a 1 megapixel camera. It takes decent pictures but eats battery power.

The waterproof case is definitely waterproof. Mine has survived ponding surf, rolling, etc.

The biggest problem with this camera or any camera on the water, is getting the water off the lens so you don’t get water spots on your pictures. I carry a dry cloth in a ziploc in my pfd pocket, but that makes for very slow first pictures.

I have the earlier 1.3 pixel camera too. It’s held up well but, by today’s standards, the pics are that great if I am too far away from the subject. My other problem with this camera, not necessarily the newer one, is the time delay between pressing the button and getting the shot. The delay makes it tough to get decent surf shots.


Same Problem, Differant Camera
Yes, I have the same issues of the delay using a completely differant camera. I try and take action shots of my two sons playing soccer and running track/cross country and taking those action shots with a digital is difficult, for me.

I have been tring to pre-plan where I will want to take a shot and pushing the button halfway down looking at a point at that place to focus the camera, then hold it until the subject gets to that point.

Some of the digital SLR cameras don’t have that issue but then you are talking major dollars and much more bulk.