Sealine rudder cable replacement

Well, it looks like a need to replace a rudder cable on my kayak. Problem is I can’t find the instructions on how to do this for the Sealine footbrace with toe control. Anybody have a link where I can get instructions?


Are you the original owner of the boat ?
If it is off a QCC call Steve and he should send you a cable.

They were supposed to be guaranteed for as long as you own the boat.

Replacement per above post is fairly easy.

I have replaced several of them.



I did order a replacement cable didn’t think to call QCC for one…darn! Yes, I am the original order but figured…wear and tear.

Glad to know it’s not as difficult as I thought!

One more question…
The other cable looks fine but has a lot of rust at entry point into cable sleeve that runs from rudder to foot pegs. Should the other be replaced as well or is there a way to get rid of the surface rust?

Tough call !
If the first one broke because of rust, and there is a lot of rust on the second, then I would replace the second one too.

Once you do the first one, the second one will be very easy.



When I did mine
I found it easier to remove the footpeg assy. from the boat.

Also it’s very hard to get the new cable back thru the rail assy on the footpeg. If you use a small piece of thin tape to attach a string to the old cable, use that to guide the new cable back thru. Plan “B” is remove the end cap opposite the adjusting screw and thread the cable thru.