Sealine Smart Track...

It’s gone! They are out of business. QCC is back to using yesterdays rudder hardware and they are not happy about it. Earlier there were discussions about a new company that built a rudder system like the Smart Track. Does anyone recall the name of that system and the company that owns it? If so, please post here and if you’d like, call Phil at QCC 888-794-3887 and tell him about that company and rudder system. They would be very interested in talking with you about it.

Thank you


Website is still up, but that means nothing. I assume that Sealine has discontinued the Smart Track rudder system and is still doing everything else (drybags etc).

One system is the Navigator, I believe imported by GRO (but they have changed hands).

Glad I bought a spare parts kit earlier this year! Now as long as my rails hild out…


paddleshop would be that company : 0
Somebody has to say it .

We manufacture gas pedal foot control systems and properly foiled - non housing dragging - rudder systems.

Thanks for letting me say this.

get a Yakima foot brace

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attach two plates to the top with hinges, bungie off the back holding it forward,,use 1/8" hollow vectran line with a constrictor splice to adjust the toe plates, mount rails about 1" lower than you normally would. It works.

I think Cascade was the company that made and marketed the Smart Track. I believe they were owned by Sealine. Sealine is doing great and still in business. Cascade is for sale (I was told) but they don’t have inventory and it could be some time before a company buying them might have inventory to sell (again, I was told).

Patrick, you may want to contact Phil at QCC. If your gas peddles are as good as you seats and paddles, I know they’d be pleased. I guess if you were able to work out a deal you’d figure out how to keep up with QCC’s supply needs. I wonder what Epic is going to do? I’m sorry such a good product and company will no longer be in the kayak business. We and the sport are worse for it and I know this will affect the families that counted on the Smart Track to make a living. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanuka coming up, I hope all their employees are taken care of. Don’t blink, life sure changes fast. Franklin

Here is a
message I got from QCC when I noticed the old rudders were back.

“The Sealine System is no longer available to anyone. Cascade Designs has decided to discontinue the entire line and they have been unsuccessful in their efforts to get someone else to purchase the line. In light of that the system we are now offering is the next best thing. We used to provide this setup on all of our kayaks prior to the SealLine system.”


Steve Freund

QCC Kayaks

(888) 794-3887

Too bad

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QCC switched to the SmarTrac rudder the year after I bought my boat. Last year Rutabaga had a great sale on the Sealine system and I converted from the original Feathercraft w/Yakimas. Big difference! Rudder had more bite with less deflection, virtually no gurgle. Having solid foot pegs is nice as well.

Patrick, if my system ever bites the dust I will opt for an Onno. Looks great!


BTW - Seaward Kayaks makes a nice lockout pedal system in aluminum. If my Sealine pedals crap out I would go the Seaward route.

I’m sorry to hear of
any job losses, especially at this time of year.

As for the rudder system…I have a Sealine blade housing with solo, and tandem blades that I would gladly trade for a Feathercraft, or Wilderness System blade assy. I’m no rocket scientist, nor aeronautical engineer…but I just never saw any of the benefits everyone raved about(other than the simple deploy-retract method).The foot brace setup was a joke in my opinion (sea-dogs are no better), I for one (and maybe the only one) will not miss this rudder system from the market. Thankfully I did get my set-up a while back when Rutabaga had the things on sale for a reasonable price.

My 2 cents of course.


Smart Track Info
For those who don’t already know this:

The original pedal rails fastened to the side of the kayak with self tapping screws which went through the kayak and into the plastic back of the rails. These plastic back pieces can fail (ask me how I know this!). The next generation of rails had metal back pieces on the rails and fastened to the kayak with machine screws. If you can find any of these next generation rails, grab them (incidentally, I’m looking for them, too).

The “simple deploy/ retract” system
sucks too.

Try to keep your rudder up with your spray skirt on.

You either leave the excess cord with it’s knob bobbing in the water, or make it longer and hold it in your teeth.

I gave up the other day and left the rudder down all day when I never even wanted it down.

The only thing I like about them is the solid foot pegs.





Seward sells their rudder system as an aftermarket item. Have no idea if they would be interested in a deal with another manufacturer (although the models don’t seem to compete directly)

If anyone really needs them
I’ve got a pair of the aluminum rail Smart Tracks with toe pilots, wires, machine screws ready to install. All brand new in the box which Sealline sent to replace my broken plastic ones. (Yes, they do break – the plastic rail splits open where the peg presses against it.) Problem was, I wanted to replace the non-ruddered version, and just switched to Yakimas instead. So if someone really needs them, I won’t even ask for the retail price.

What price will you ask?

I’ll email you.
Better to discuss off line since this isn’t really the classified section. I thought it was at least OK to mention that I had an extra set in the context of the discussion.

my exact sentiments

“The only thing I like about them is the solid foot pegs”