Sealine Trim Tab

Does Sealine still make the trim tab for their rudders? I would like to use one, a la greyak’s mod, to control my skeg on my QCC700.

As a long time owner of a half
dozen boats with Sealine rudders, please enlighten me as to what a rudder “trim tab” is ?

jack L


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Appears to still be available.

I think it assumes you have a toe-controlled rudder in place, already. This is really a trim control. A trim tab would be a small, adjustable surface on larger control surface.

I don't see how this would apply to a skeg, though I'm not familiar with all variations. Do you mean as a deployment device, or as a way to somehow trim sideways?

For years, I've been trying to invent -- in my mind, at least -- a skeg-like device that can be trimmed with a little control similar to this. It would be a small, shallow, streamlined, permanently deployed fin... a way to dial in a heading without the size, complexity and gross maneuvering movement of a rudder. And yet, I doubt it would provide any functional benefit over a traditional skeg. Oh, there wouldn't be a skeg box getting in the way.

I believe I once saw a hybrid skeg-rudder photo a few years back, but, it was still more elaborate than what I want to dream up.

Greyak’s Pictures

Thanks, I never knew that existed
I never stop learning !

Jack L

Seal Line sold off Smart Track
The trim tab is definitely still being made, but not by Seal Line.

The Smart Track line of Seal Line was sold off and is now an independently owned company. They focuses more on providing rudders for manufacturer than aftermarket solutions. This is reflected by their website; which doesn’t even list a tenth of their current product range.

There’s a handful of the really good shops that will have a good selection of Smart Track on hand and know of other options. Because of the lack of marketing, I wouldn’t count on every paddling shop to be in-tune with their range.

You might buy it here:

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They seem to have good prices in several of thier products.