sealing a neoprene skirt

I’ve got a very old Perception neoprene skirt that leaks where the tunnel joins the deck. I think it probably was leaky by design, because the deck and tunnel are sewn together with no tape backing or other sealant.

Newer skirts appear to have their seams sealed/reinforced by tape. Is this something that can be bought and applied at home, or is it one of those bulk purchase things that requires special equipment?

Worse comes to worst, I can just try smearing a bunch of aquaseal on the seam. I assume that will work, though I heard somewhere that Seam Grip was a better sealant for sewn neoprene. Anyone have any experience or opinions?

Sweet Composites
Sweet Composites sells Melco seam tape. I’ve used it a couple of times when I made my skirts; it works beautifully. It produces a very strong seam, but I’m not sure if it will completely seal a leaky seam. You might want to call Sweet Composites and ask. You could also apply a thin bead of Aquaseal first and then cover it up with seam tape, but I’m not sure how the Aquaseal would handle the heat.

Good luck,

Pedro Almeida

p.s. Sweet Composites is also a great source for minicell, neoprene/glue, foot braces, fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc…

I’ve never seen the Melco tape up close but I’d like to find the tape that is used by the skirt manufacturers. It looks nice.