Sealing both ends of kayak

Hi gang question i saw a vidieo of how to rescue a recreational kayak…and the guy said maybe seal ends to stop filling with water and help with floatation…how can i do this wat materials do i use …thanks

Well, you could fabricate and install bulkheads to seal off the bow and stern but the easiest method would be to purchase a couple of flotation bags,

NRS has lots of them in many sizes…

Agree on the float bags. I made a bulkhead once but won’t do it again.

Don’t use expanding spray foam you’d buy at the local big box store.

I agree with the float bag consensus. I have attempted to put bulkheads in several WW kayaks, at first they are water tight, over time and cycles of being battered, heated by ambient air and pressurised by water they seem to fail pretty consistently and become a huge pain to keep them water tight.