Sealing Bulkheads?

Any recommendations for sealing leaky bulkheads? (perception carolina (poly)

perception uses lexel.

Lexel is the best
of all the sealants for poly bulkheads.

If you can’t find Lexel…
…any of the GOOP products will work. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as they’re all the same except for the packaging.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use silicone sealer!

In a pinch…
…How 'bout Liquid nails? Perhaps the subfloor version (which maintains a bit a flexability even after cured)?

I’ve used it on all kinds of plastics and have never had a failure.


It would have to be a serious "pinch"
There are much better sealants for kayak use that are available anywhere that Liquid Nails is. Liquid Nails is an adhesive, not a sealant. It doesn’t make sense to use the wrong product just because you have it on hand.

Why not silicone sealer?
Just wondering.

I used silicon…
sealant on the bulkheads of my poly Eclipse about five years ago and it worked good.

Supposedly it won’t stick to the plastic, but it did a good job.



Never use silicone sealer
Silocone sealer bonds poorly and it leaves a residue that prevents anything else from bonding to the same surface. While it is possible to remove the residue with hexane, there’s no point in using silicone when better products are just as available.