Sealing bulkheads

I need to make some repairs to the bulkheads on my plastic boats. Books recommend Lexan or Sikaflex, but the marinas in my area only stock 3M’s 5200. They insist it’s the same - all in the polyurethane family - but I’ve worked with 5200 and it can be a bear.

Anyone with tips on whether 5200 is an acceptable replacement for Lexan or Sikaflex? Or, would a polysulfide like 4200 or Boatlife be acceptable?

I think you mean
Lexel. It’s available from Ace Hardware or online sources. Great for multiple uses in roto or compostite boats. It is definitely my preference for your intended use.

Lexel it is
You’re right - I meant Lexel. Thanks for the tip. turns out my hardware store has it, but the marina’s don’t. bb

a caution
If you’re as messy as I am, wear some latex gloves (or similar) when handling Lexan. I recently reseated a detached bulkhead with Lexan and needed to smooth out the bead with bare fingers. It’s real sticky and takes forever to wash off your hands.

Couldn’t find it anywhere in Canada, and eventually ordered from Ace via Amazon.