Sealing leaky hatch covers (help wanted)

I know this old topic was discussed a lot previously but I cannot find my notes so I must bring it up again.

I’m trying to remember how to apply 303 Protectant to my WS Tempest 170 hatch covers to help them to seat and seal properly. While practicing rolling in a pool, my boat is leakage a lot, particularly in my bow hatch. I always take special care to properly seal the hatches by pounding the circumference of the rim of the hatch covers with the palm of my hand to ensure that they are over the combing of the hatch.

At one time, Wilderness Systems provided an illustration on how to apply the 303 protectant on leaky hatch covers and I remember they specifically cautioned about one place to avoid but I don’t remember and hope someone on this forum can help me fix this frustrating problem. Thanks in advance.

What kind of hatches?
Does your boat have WS hatches or the Kajak Sport ones?

WS hatches

on hatch but be sparse, as in don’t use alot of 303.

when the hatch is seated all the way down can you spin the hatch on the rim? you might need a new hatch.