Sealline Pro Pack 120L

I am looking for a portage pack for 1 to 2 week long paddling trips. I’m deciding between a nylon portage pack and a rubber waterproof portage pack like the Seal Line Pro Pack 120L. I have been on many long. How long trips were it rains all day or the canoe has water sloshing in the bottom from rapids. That’s why I’m leaning toward a rubber waterproof pack rather than a Canvas portage pack, using garbage bag, liners or dry bags within. What are the disadvantages if any of a bag like the Seal Line Pro Pack?

I don’t have much to add to the this vs. that discussion, but I can tell you that I bought the 120L Pro bag for a 2012 Quetico trip, and that bag has been across the world with me many, many times. When it goes on the plane, I detach the shoulder harness and store it inside with all my gear. Basically, the bag is used as the suitcase, and it’s still in great shape. It is tough!

The little I do have to add, is that in a canoe, there’s no way I’d use a back pack with garbage bags over the Sealline “boundary” bag. The suspension is great for portaging. That said, there’s no way I’d use that bag as replacement for a proper backpack for hiking, either.

Edit to add picture of this poor old, abused bag, buried in teh bottom of my gear closet :slightly_smiling_face: