SealLine purge dry bags

Anyone had experience with the SealLine Kodiak Window Purge dry bags? I’ve used their Baja bags for years kayaking,but want to add a bag for canoe camping. Just wondering if the purge works well and doesn’t interfere with keeping things dry, longterm.

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Seal Line 25 L after 2 loooong trips

and 3 years of being carried on the bow has proven exceptional. The bags gets splashed on, rained on, sun baked and lots of rough handling. I’ll give it a 10 and that’s quite a compliment from me.


Kodiak 15 Liter
I have some, they work well. The check valve is cool, but I prefer the twist style valve. But the window is nice when your searching through bags.

I’ve got several

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I have quite a few Seal Line purge bags and like them a lot. I purchased a Kodiak tapered bag a few years ago and have used it extensively with no issues at all (I do a lot of camping and probably use them more than most people would). I now own about 7 or 8 bags with purge valves and really like how they compress (much easier than trying to ‘burp’ air out of regular dry bags.

I give the Seal Line purge bags a big two thumbs up.