Sealoon Kayak

Hi all,

I’m considering buying a Sealoon kayak that a guy has for sale. I can’t find any info about it on the web so I was hoping someone here ever had or paddled one.



I tried to

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find info on them just out of sheer curiosity. Couldn't find crud on google. Skimming Craig's List for the PNW, I found someone selling one. I got a little suspicious though, when he listed the specs as 18'8' long and 23.5" wide and 50lbs. 50 lbs my foot, that thing looks like a fricken deep draft car carrier.

That is frightening…

My SeaLoon kayak is designed and constructed by Curt Johnson, who is a maritime engineer who lives in Powell River, British Columbia. It is intended for cruising with full camping gear.

Both bow and stern are completely sealed off by bulkheads to provide flotation even if the cockpit and other compartments are flooded. The kayak is 18 feet long, 24 inches wide and the interior is 14 inches deep. It is constructed of fiberglass in Greenland style with chine, comprised of two layers of 18 ounce woven roving midships and 4 layers on the keel, all hand-laid.

It is designed to handle well without a rudder. Yakima foot braces are included. It’s form is symmetrical with four fiberglass bulkheads glassed in place and two fiberglass hatch covers which fit on water-tight compartments. It weighs 53 pounds empty.

I’ve owned and paddled this boat for over 18 years and have found it to be an excellent touring kayak. I’ve paddled throughout the San Juan Islands off the shore of Washington State and into the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. My last long trip was from the St. John’s Bridge in Portland downriver to Astoria OR, a distance of about 100 miles which took several days. I found it both stable and fast through the afternoon winds which blow upriver, creating choppy waters.

If mine is the same boat you are talking about, then I can only believe that you don’t know what you are talking about. Sorry to be so direct, but my kayaking experience of forty years ought to correct some of your speculations.

That’s got to be a new record: 12 years and 3 months before a forum post gets a response.

At least the post started in the same century. :smiley:

But I doubt Unknown will get the correction!

I keep reading saloon kayak. Which activates a much different imagination.