Seals Back Band

Anyone use one of these?


I’ve installed backbands in several of
my kayaks. I prefer backbands to seats. The latter tend to inhibit torso rotation. A backband needs to rest more against the back of the pelvis rather than against the lower back.

I like Campmor’s “lumber” support spelling.

You have to judge your personal paddling style. Backbands are for paddling, not lounging.

Seals is a good company, and I would have some confidence that what is offered is not junk.

I have used the IR Lounge backband
Shown in the same Campmor ad. I really like the ratchet adjusment but had a hard time positioning thm with the strings provided. I recently got a Harmony XP 3 that uses straps and so far it stays put better.

Leaving Friday for 120 mi paddle in tht White Cliffs of the Missouri River in Montana we’ll see how that goes.

Good Luck


yes, however…
I have a 6.5" cushioned band just like that Seals in one of my boats, BUT I have to say I prefer the narrower (4.5 ") and stiffer Snapdragon band in another kayak in the fleet. That said, the Seals is still better than most conventional seat backs, at least for myself and the way I sit.

Cockpit outfitting and seats are highly personal. YRMV