Seals backband anyone?

It’s time to replace a shot out backband in one of my Valley boats. Anyone have experience with a Seals backband? I would prefer to avoid the brands with the ratchet adjustment. Had a problem with one & know some others have too. And before you ask, no, I don’t want a foam pillar, but I respect your right to your own preferences. Thanks.

I’ve got Snapdragon backbands in two of my boats and really like them. They support well without stretching or slipping. They have a stiffener inside the quilted neoprene that keeps the shape. Very simple, effective and durable. Looks like the Seals is pretty similar in size and construction – I’ve never been disappointed in a Seals product so I doubt you could go wrong with either one.

Willowleaf -
Snapdragon was going to be my next question for input. I like both companies’ gear. Is yours the version with the plastic band attachment points or nylon straps? I’m thinking of the nylon straps for ease of varying adjustment.